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As a non-profit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, our mission is to ensure every animal receives the best possible care while awaiting their perfect match. We rely on our generous supporters and their donations to help keep our animals living their best life. It is because of you that we have been able to save so many lives. Thank You!

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Your support means everything.

Thanks to the generous donations and support from our community we have been able to find homes for over 1,310 animals in need.

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Donations are the lifeline of our Happy Little Rescue. Big or small, every contribution makes the world of a difference in the lives of our rescue and sanctuary animals!

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  • Bags of Dog and Puppy Kibble

  • Cat and kitten food (wet & dry)

  • cleaning supplies (bleach, odoban, 30 gallon trash bags, kitty litter)

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We believe that every animal deserves a safe and loving environment to call home.

This is why Happy Little Rescue is more than just a rescue; we are also home to over 20 sanctuary animals! These are pets that unfortunately will never be able acclimate into a traditional home, but will always have a home with us.

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