Adoptable Cats

If you are searching for a new companion to join your family, then you're in luck!

On the average day, The Happy Little Rescue is home to over fifty adoptable pets. We believe that there is the perfect home for every pet and that each pet deserves the chance to find their forever home, no matter how long it takes. This is why our mission is to ensure that each of the animals in our care live a happy and healthy life at our sanctuary while awaiting their perfect match.


This 5 month old kitten is full of nothing but love. He is very affection and also playful. He enjoys playing with his toys and then cuddling up on a lap with some back stratches!


Penelope is a gorgeous black and white cat with beautiful green eyes. She loves people and is looking for a human to give her undivided attention and love. She gets attached to her humans and because of that would prefer to be the only cat in the house.


Sweet Mufasa has green eyes that will stop you in your tracks! He came to us with extremely matted fur, so we was given a hair cut and now feels much better. However typically this boy has a gorgeous long orange coat. He loves people and is very affectionate.


This young kitten is approximately 3-4 months old and is very affectionate! Her purrs can be heard from across the room and she absolutely loves to cuddle. She was found trying to stay warm inside a car engine, and is a great reminder to always check your tires and engines in the colder months!


This 6 year old cat is calm, loving and looking for a soft place to relax. She is affectionate and independent. She is happy to relax on her own or with her person.


This playful kitten is approximately 6 months old and ready for play time all the time! Head scratches are the way to her heart.

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